Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Do you keep your temple clean?

                                Keep your Temple Clean

Think about a temple just imagine or visualize. It needs to be welcoming, warm and everything is tender, for sure must be clean as a result not everybody can come inside they need to have good manners and intentions. Look at people how they dress when you go to church or what people do before they pray in Islam, look at people how they dress when they go to temples or Buddhist…Temples are always clean and people are clean as well.     

Let’s clean ourselves by feeling better

Practice below.
please note that It is not going to be so easy you may cry you may laugh

You may come to a point that you need apologies from yourself


Go to the mirror

Look at yourself

Tell yourself ‘I love you’

Have an eye contact.

Say it the way you want to hear from others, when they lie you understand your body understands as well. Treat your body as a temple then you will notice how your body, your feelings and the people around you shall change.

Change is a good thing  !!!!!!!                     
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