Monday, April 11, 2016


Body syndromes may show up in different ways and in different part of our body.

The most important part is to be aware of our body hears us literally. What we say it takes the way we say it.

 Every part of our body means something different.

Lets start with left and right part of our body.
What is the difference between right and left side of our body?

Left side of the body is female energy that means the pain or any type of discomfort on our left side is related to female energy. Female energy can be anything or anybody that we refer as female. The right side is  the opposite of th left. The right side is related to male energy.

When the working area  is full of males and your manager or the authority image is male at work, the right side of the body shall start to act out... It can be  right eye to right leg.

That I mentioned previously our defense mechanism come out as Immune disorders suck as cancer, migraine, MS ( Multiple Sclerosis ) and more... Let's take MS as an example; look at the first attacks and notice where the attack takes a place left or right side of body or both sides. In order for symptom to come out we need to loose 70% of our health. After the first attack you can think what trigger the attack a male or female energy.

Eyes, the windows to  the world. When there is a fear of the future eyes start to get bad and we start to have vision problems not being able to see far side. When eyes are scared to see near future that usually happens during the old ages . Elder people start to wear glasses for close sight. Although we were born with two fears and either of them were about any type of future.

Ears are the body parts that allows us to listen. Sometimes we get an earache after a discussion. anytime the ears hear something that they regret to hear the affect comes out as a pain or an type of vibration

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