Sunday, October 23, 2016


Dear Break-up,

You always make people ready by sending messages. Your messages are sent by universe ; you made people to feel more uncomfortable or just want to change the subject or just put a distance one way or another.

I apologies, I was generalizing what you are doing to everyone, although this is only me, myself and I. I thought I used to think I wasn't going to let it go this fast and also i thought he wouldn't let me go neither this fast  and of course it was an assumption as well.

I am tired i mean really tired if it is a learning experience it should not be one way it must be for both of us. Us means you and I...

Maybe, I learned the lesson from this one, it was a different lesson.... and what you need to learn ... No more giving love or sharing love... Every brake up makes me stronger and bitter for the next one. Love, you need to talk and come to an agreement WITH BREAK-UP about how to do this thing... to help me more,

Let me remind you again everything has its own reason and the core reason is to teach; you need to be aware about collateral  damage such as destroying  the person's heart.

Next time talk to LOVE and let her know what is going to happen and make love to be sure, the healed heart is not going too be killed again

Dijle Koont C.H.T

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